Topiary sculpting is definitely an interesting art form. Slowly, over a period of months, these artists train plants to hold particular shapes. This is mostly done by frequently clipping the plants with shears, but sometimes wire meshes are also used to reinforce any chosen shape. And often various flowers are added to these sculptures to provide color and detail, which greatly helps to bring these sculptures to life. The following list includes a wide variety of these topiary sculptures, and they show just how diverse and intricate this art form can be.

Mother Nature

Looks like the people actually found “Mother Nature” hanging out. This sculpture is the largest in the Atlanta Botanical Garden in Georgia.


When people see these creepy and realistic critters, they have to resist the instinct to dial some sort of pest-control business.


Everyone needs to take a nap from time to time. This big fella’ looks like he had a little too much for lunch.

Disney Characters

No list on topiary sculptures would be complete without a picture of a couple of Disney characters. These two are Belle and the transformed prince from Beauty and the Beast.

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