The following list of facts have to do with things you have probably never wondered about in your life. That’s how out there they are. But, believe us, they are worth reading over. Not only are they incredibly amusing and often jaw-dropping, but they are great for being regurgitated later to start a conversation or impress your crush. It doesn’t matter how humble you think you are; everybody likes to look smart. These random facts, with careful studying, can help you to do just that.

That Poor Mother

The longest time between the birth of two twins is 87 days, born to Maria Jones-Elliott. Imagine her surprise when she went into labor the first time, and only one baby came out! Guess the other little girl just wasn’t ready for the world.

Til Death Do You Part

After learning he had to pay $175 to escape his contract with Verizon Wireless, American Corey Taylor faked his own death to avoid paying. Unfortunately for him, the company didn’t buy it, and eventually he was forced to pay up. We can all relate to that struggle, Corey.

Victory In Death

Jockey Frank Hayes was in the middle of a horse race when he suffered from a heart attack and, tragically, passed away while in the saddle. The bright side? His horse won the race.

Like A Snowflake

Just like with finger prints, everybody has a unique tongue print. Imagine spy movies where instead of finger or eye recognizing technology, you had to lick something to get inside the secret vault.

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