The world is full of unique people who like to own one-of-a kind things. And let’s be real, with all the strange, bizarre and crazy people in this world it’s fair to say that musicians – especially rocks stars, seem to top the list. When you’re performing for millions of people, you often want to impress them not only with your musical ability, but you also want them to see things that will blow their minds — these 20 guitars will definitely do the trick!

The Mermaid Guitar

It took Andy Mason over 2 years and 14 different types of wood to make this mermaid guitar.

The musical instrument weighs 9 pounds and each scale on the mermaid’s tail was individually carved. Andy also created a custom case for this work of art.

The AK-47 Guitar

Rob Baker is a custom guitar-maker who can pretty much carve a guitar to look like anything you want — case in point this true to life AK-47 guitar.

KFC Guitars

This one probably makes your mouth water every time you look at it.

I’m not sure if KFC is getting a commission from these yummy looking instruments, but hey nobody does it better!

The Big Foot Guitar

It’s not clear who made this guitar or why, but it’s obvious that this musical instrument was either inspired by Sasquatch or someone with very ugly feet. Play on Bigfoot… play on!

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