Storms are perhaps the most incredible natural phenomenon. They’re able to create some of the most beautiful pictures yet can be devastating to both people and the environment. The following list of incredible cloud formations includes some of the most bizarre and dangerous scenes from all over the world. Clouds can take all kinds of forms, be it dangerous shelf clouds in North Carolina, halos in Moscow, tsunamis in Alabama, or a picture of Elvis in Spain.


A supercell of a powerful storm that formed in Texas. Despite all the swirling, there was only one twister that formed.


These bubbly clouds, named mammatus clouds, are usually formed during temperature instability at the base of a thunderstorm, but it isn’t known exactly why it happens.


Clouds in the form of multiple tsunamis in an area near Birminghal.


A halo that formed over Moscow, usually formed by a disruption in the sky that can freeze water droplets.

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