An Easier Way

James Henselden, the owner of the production company that makes the Segway, which is supposed to make lives easier, ended up driving his personal device off of a cliff in England. The man sadly died upon impact.

Too Healthy

Basil Brown, who claimed himself to be a health fanatic, ended up drinking himself to death on carrot juice. Brown drank a gallon of the vegetable juice every single day, which led to his untimely demise.

Falling For It

In 1992, Greg Austin Gingrich thought it would be funny to pretend he was falling over the side and into the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately for Greg, he actually did slip and fall over the ledge, dying from the impact.

Drowning In It

In 1814, not one, but eight people died in a London brewery after a giant vat of beer exploded. The men drowned in the substance. It’s unclear why they didn’t just drink the entirety of the vat and escape a little bit drunk.

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