Our understanding of the world allows us to interact with it in appropriate ways. Even as the world grows rampantly around us, this understanding allows us to keep with the times and not make fools of ourselves. Unfortunately for our pets, they are not privileged to this information and they usually tend to end up in hilarious, and at times awkward situations. Even as our homes continue to get populated by an excessive amount of things, our pets continue to fight the good fight and take on these various pieces of furniture. Here are 20 pictures of animals interacting hilariously with furniture.

Take A Knee Doggie

I can’t tell if this dog is comfortable or not, but this photograph is definitely funny.

Finding The Sweet Spot

Sometimes you need to experiment a little before you can get comfortable in your new couch. This dog was clearly hell bent on exploring all possible options.

Hanging Around

When you can’t find your pet, they are usually in the last place you would think of looking.

Interesting Kennel

It is easy to understand why this dog thinks the dishwasher is his winter home.

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