Everyone who owns a cell phone has been the victim of text message goofs. If we are honest, we can attest to at least one text fail. It seems that parents are the most victimized. They are either taking advantage of acronyms by misusing them or misreading a message. Then on the other hand, you may be one of those tech savvy parents that use texting to your advantage by taunting a loved one, which almost always puts you on the winning side of a text message battle. Either way, the sometimes ineffective communication method is most often hilariously and frighteningly misused. Some are certainly more embarrassing than others, but in the end they all make us laugh. So please, enjoy this list of hilarious parent text fails and wins.

Do Your Chores

This is one way to get a response.

Prankster Parent

When you’re bored and just want to annoy your kid.

To Do List

She probably should have put her kid’s name on the shopping list.

Did You Get Your Message?

I think this dad forgot how messaging worked. You have to actually have the phone with you to receive it.

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