Let’s face it, we’ve all done some pretty dumb things before. That time you raced the other car on the freeway, the time you hit the bees’ nest with a broomstick, or that really stupid Halloween costume you regretted immediately after putting it on. Yep, it’s safe to say that doing dumb things is part of the human condition. That being said, we love a good laugh so that got us thinking — what are some of the most hilarious fails that could possibly find? After doing a little digging, we’re pretty confident with what we found. We all do dumb things but most of people have got nothing on these girls. So, without further ado, here are 20 Hilarious Fails Of Hot Girls Caught Doing Dumb Things.

Playing Tennis The Wrong Way

We’re not sure what possessed her to do this, we just know she’s holding the racket wrong!

Cheerleader In The Overhead Storage Bin

We’ve flown plenty of times, and yet somehow it never occurred to us to stuff a person in the overhead storage bins.

Granny Panties With Suggestive Poses

Need we say more? We’re pretty sure this girl was in the middle of a routine, but still..

Cheerleading With No Panties At All

Even if she has underwear on, it’s a thong than you can’t even see. Either way, this is an epic fail.

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