Animals are truly fascinating and that’s why we love them, but apparently they think we are pretty interesting too as they seem to have adapted many of our traits and actions — good and bad. Watering your plant, reading a book or giving someone the middle finger seems totally normal to us humans, but when animals are caught doing these actions it is nothing short of funny and entertaining. Take a look at these hilarious animals behaving like humans.

Gorilla Giving The Middle Finger

You don’t have to say one word Mr Gorilla, that middle finger says it all!

Dog In A Bikini

I think we’re all over the ‘bikini car wash’ phase, but this canine isn’t. Hey, better late than never I suppose.

Cat Changing A Lightbulb

How many humans does it take to change a light-bulb? Just one plus a cat!

Skateboaring Owl

Why would you waste energy flying when you can be a total rebel and use a skateboard instead!

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