We have all had our share of being photobombed, sometimes we are the actual offenders ourselves. Either way, it can be a funny and sometimes annoying experience. Imagine how animals feel. They can’t verbally express their need or lack of wanting to take a photo. We shouldn’t underestimate, however, as they understand the art of ruining a photo way better than our feeble human brains brains could ever comprehend. There is a seemingly endless supply of animal photobomb pictures that have made the Internet over the past few years. This collection of 20 of the best animal photobombs will crack you up and make your day!

Finding Who?

Hello there. I’m looking for a little fish named….Oh darn, I forgot.


Okay kids, on the count of three, shout “fresh hay”.

Goofy Face

Okay we’re making a goofy face on 1…2…3… Phil! You missed it!


Look what I can do! Did you get that shot? I can do a retake if you want.

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