Gluten free anything has been all the rage for quite some time now. So whether you’re a gluten free enthusiast, just a newbie or actually have gluten intolerance (coeliacs disease), this list will help anyone seeking a gluten free life transition with sheer ease! From vegetables to beans and other things in between, no longer will one have to rule out pasta completely. So strap on your apron and get ready to try some new guilt free alternatives to traditional pasta today! Enjoy!

Adzuki Bean Noodles

Looking for a vegan and gluten free noodle? Try adzuki bean noodles. They are made of adzuki beans, soybeans and water! They are a nutritional powerhouse that be enjoyed without the guilt!

Edamame And Mung Bean Fettucine

Fettuccine without the gluten fear, anyone? Use edamame and mung bean fettuccine in your next dish. Unlike many gluten-free pastas, edamame and mung bean fettuccine won’t ever overcook and it has the al dente texture you expect from pasta. To top that, it’s ridiculously nutritious and delicious.

Edamame Noodles

Are you a fan of edamame? If so, edamame noodles should work well for you! Indulge in the nutritional value you expect with the great taste of fresh pasta!

Shirataki Noodles

Shirataki noodles are a type of Japanese noodle made from the konjac yam. They are thin, translucent, gelatinous, largely composed of water and glucomannan; a water-soluble dietary fiber. They are pretty expensive, but extremely low in carbs and calories.

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