The rate at which technology is growing has made it nearly impossible to keep up with all the latest changes in the field. The past two decades has seen the birth and rise of the techno-era and it appears that things have begun to move into the realm of what appeared to be science fiction. Here is a list of 20 gadgets that you probably never heard about but could possibly change the way you live your life.

The Air Dock

The Air Dock eliminates two very important needs when it comes to using your smartphone in your car. Not only does this handy gadget hold and display your phone using magnets that create an air lock, it also charges your device on the go.

ZBoard 2

The original Zboard was invented as a means for students to quickly get around the campus. The new Zboard is faster, lighter, can travel greater distances on a single charge and looks cooler than ever.

No More Woof

This miraculous device uses an EEG machine to read your pet’s brain waves and decipher it, in order to help you understand what it is thinking or feeling. It can currently read up to 4 mental states including being able to tell you when your dog is hungry, tired or excited.


The biggest concern for any smartphone user is keeping your device charged and ready. Sonicable claims to be the world’s most advanced cable, allowing you to conduct the process of charging your device in only half the time necessary. This device could be a real game changer in terms of making smartphones even more useful by reducing charging times drastically.

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