Love Story Aisle Runner

Family and friends will be sitting on other side of the aisle, so give them something to look at or read while they wait. A love story aisle runner can tell the entire tale of how the happy couple met, and their time throughout the past few years.

Beer Bar

Assuming you’re of age when you get married, having a beer bar for the adults at your wedding reception should be a required piece for everyone. Allow people to choose their own beer and fill their glass using a tap.

Advice Cards

Leave out some advice cars at the dinner tables for everyone to fill out. Fun questions can be asked, such as the name of your first child or a pet, for example. This is a great way to break the ice between people who don’t know each other.

Flip Cup

Just because you’re now becoming an adult, complete with a wife and everything, doesn’t mean you have to avoid all the fun things you used to do. Having an awesome after party could include a fan-favorite flip cup.

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