Pretty Little Liars is the highest scripted series to ever air on ABC Family. The show has been number one in it’s demographic since it first premiered in 2010. Now, with the sixth season premiering in a couple of weeks, it’s time to look back on some characters that seemed to have disappeared from the series. Some of the characters had finished storylines, while others are still left dangling and make you think, ‘Hey! What ever happened to…?’ Let’s take a look at some forgotten Pretty Little Liars characters over the past five years. Don’t forget to catch the season 6 premiere, ‘Game On Charles‘ airing Tuesday, June 2nd at 8/7c on ABC Family.

​Holden Strauss

He was one of Aria’s childhood friends that showed up in Season 2. He hasn’t been seen since Emily realized she was drugged in the beginning of Season 3.

Sean Ackard

Sean was Hanna’s first boyfriend in Season 1. He was last mentioned by Hanna in Season 4’s ‘Bite Your Tongue’, but hasn’t been physically seen since the first season.

​Wren Kingston

He’s everyone’s favorite doctor in Rosewood. After being mysteriously creepy in the fourth season, he vanished. Every now and then the PLL characters would mention his name. In season 5, he’s supposed to be living in London with Melissa, but he’s yet to be seen.

​Samara Cook

She dated Emily for a brief moment. After ‘A’ threatened Emily to make a move on one of Samara’s friends, they called it quits.

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