When you love an idolize someone, you tend to see this person with a certain amount of tunnel vision. That’s not to say that there aren’t some people out there who are truly saintlike and have never done a bad thing in their life aside from punching their annoying sibling in the arm occasionally too hard as a kid. But most people have just as much bad in them as good, and when it comes to celebrities and famous people in general, a generous amount of spin control is just as much a perk of their lifestyle as the money. Just because the world loves them, doesn’t mean that they’re angels.

Chuck Berry

Famous for the rousing song “Johnny B. Goode,” Chuck Berry is considered by a lot of folks to be one of the forebears of modern rock n’ roll. While he brought and still bring joy to music lovers, he spent many years of his life in prison for crimes like armed robbery and filming women in a bathroom without their knowledge.

Abraham Lincoln

While Lincoln abolished slavery in the United States, most people never realized he did it for the political well-being of the nation. During a presidential debate in 1858, he stated that he didn’t believe in racial equality, black voting, or interracial marriage.

Steve Jobs

The Apple titan was notorious for having things his own way, but did you know this? At one point Jobs was tasked by Atari to reduce the integrated circuits of one of their games to less than 80 and enlisted his friend Steve Wozniak to help, promising him half the money if they succeeded. Wozniak got the game to 30 ICs and Jobs said they got $700; Wozniak happily accepted his $350. Years later, Wozniak was devastated to tears at Job’s lack of trust and friendship when he found that the Atari project actually paid Jobs $5,000.

Elvis Presley

Elvis was the King and the quintessential rock star so it made sense he had the pick of the litter when it came to girls. The truth is that he was so insecure about his skills in the bedroom that he liked sleeping with young girls, around the age of fourteen – virgins were apparently best because they wouldn’t know that he had no sexual prowess.

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