Uncle Jesse Was Going To Be Uncle Adam?

Before the series aired, John Stamos was set to play Uncle Adam Cochran. The character’s first name was changed to Jesse before the series got the green light to air on TV.

Becky Was Initially a Recurring Character

Rebecca Donaldson was supposed to only last for six episodes as Danny’s co-host on ‘Wake Up San Francisco’. Fans of the show loved Becky so much that the writers decided to make her a permanent character.

The Show Was Shot In San Fransisco Only Once

The Tanner household was in located San Francisco on 1882 Girard Street. However, the series was shot in San Francisco only once. It was the ‘Comet’s Excellent Adventure’ episode.

Bob Saget and Dave Coulier Were Friends Prior To The Series

Years before ‘Full House’ Dave Coulier and Bob Saget met at a comedy club in Detroit. They immediately became friends. Saget even let Coulier sleep on his couch until his career kicked off.

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