If you grew up watching ABC’s T.G.I.F. (Thank Goodness It’s Friday) lineup, chances are you watched and were a fan of Full House. The series provided some much needed heartfelt moments and comedic relief for the entire family. Full House was able to become a staple in pop culture thanks to its storylines, catchphrases and everybody’s favorite, Uncle Jesse. While the show is still extremely popular today thanks to syndication, there are still some interesting facts about the series that you may not know about.

House of Comics

The original title to the show wasn’t always, ‘Full House’. It was originally titled ‘House Of Comics’ where the main adult characters lived together and worked as comics.

Jesse Wasn’t Always a Katsopolis

During season one, Uncle Jesse’s last name was Cochran. John Stamos wanted his character’s last name changed to match his greek heritage so the writers changed it to Katsopolis.

Comet Was The Original Air Bud

Comet was the beloved Tanner family pet. Did you know the dog was actually the original dog named Buddy in ‘Air Bud’?

The Series Almost Lasted 9 Seasons

ABC was ready to axe the show after its eight season. The WB was willingly ready to pick the series up for a ninth season, but the actors made it clear they wanted to be done with the show.

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