It’s time for a little bit of animal cuteness. Sometimes it’s easy to be shocked or surprised at some of the strange things animals do, like the two shelter dogs that are trending now for their photogenic hug that saved their lives just hours before they were to be euthanized. There are a whole bunch of other images of animals doing extremely cute things. Prepare to be amazed, shocked, and maybe even humbled by photos of animals doing some pretty odd and interesting thing which you are about to see.

Clark Kat

This super cat appears to be testing his flying skills.

The Thief

This bird is preparing for his next big jewelry heist. He probably shouldn’t have stopped to pose for a photo.

Cats In Boxes

We all know that cats love boxes, and this one is no exception.

Plotting Revenge

If you’ve never seen this look in your cat’s eyes then you’re lucky.

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