These days it seems like just about anything is bad for your health. Whether its anti-vaxxers ranting about how life-saving medicine is supposed to give you autism or those touting anti-gluten sentiments raving about the dangers of a piece of bread, there is always something out there that someone thinks will kill you. Oddly enough, despite all of the garbage that people want to mislead others with, there are a great many things that you would never think could cause damage to your well-being.

Not So Cool Now

Facial piercings may be en vogue to a certain age group, but they can lead to long-term damaging effects. Scientists have found that getting piercings in your face can disrupt the facial trigeminal nerve, which connects facial sensations to the central nervous system. A single bad piercing can cause dizziness, loss of balance, and eye misalignment.

Dangerously Skinny

Although they are fashion forward, skinny jeans can be damaging to the nerves. When worn too tightly you can compress your lateral femoral cutaneous nerve and get meralgia paraesthetica, a condition with symptoms that include numbness, stinging pain, heat sensitivity, and atrophied tissue.

Printing Death

Laser printing, while efficient, can be really bad for you lungs. About 40% of laser printers emit clouds of toner, dense enough and big enough to cause lung damage on par with smoking cigarettes.

Ties of Terror

Men have been wearing neck ties for centuries, but even today you need to be careful with how tightly they are worn. If too tight, intraocular pressure is increased and can lead to glaucoma.

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