Calling Your Friends On The House Phone

Calling your friends without the permission of your parents was not even an option and if you wanted to stay in touch, the landline was your only choice. Being yelled at for chatting for too long was a familiar sound of your childhood and only now have you realized how weird the whole thing was.

Watching MTV For Music Videos

In the 90’s, there was nothing better than seeing the new music video of your favorite artist for the first time and you used to spend hours glued to MTV in the hopes of seeing it first. When you think about child-you, you can’t relate to any of the choices you would make at all.

Using Physical Maps For Guidance

Getting to new places actually required mental skill and if you wanted any chance of finding a new place, you had to have map-reading skills. You thank the heavens that SatNav was invented; without it, you would be permanently lost.

Carrying Around A Sony Walkman

If you wanted to walk with a beat, you had to lug a “pocket” walkman in your coat. Whilst it was marketed for its easy use, it used to bash against your leg with such venom that you considered smashing it against the ground.

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