Our lives are filled with rituals which we don’t even take notice of. The way we get up in the morning, make our breakfast, contact our friends and choose our music is as a result of modern technology and gadgets which, while we couldn’t live without, we barely even recognize anymore. It is only after the passing of time that we can start to pass judgment on the things that we used once. Things from the 90’s, then, look really weird. We, for one, can’t even believe that these things were so normal once upon a time because now, they’re like something from another planet.

Green-Screened Phones

At the high point of the 90’s, Nokia phones were having a bit of a magic moment. When some genius decided to load up every new phone with a version of the very addictive Snake, the company was on to a winner. There’s something about the violent green of the mobile phones is really, really nostalgic.

Rewinding VHS Movies After Watching

On the rare occasion that your parents actually let you pick a movie from the video store, you were under strict instructions to rewind it to the start when you had finished. To disobey this rule was the worst kind of offense that you could commit.

Saving Everything On Floppy Disk

Before the sweet days of the memory stick, everything had to be saved onto floppy disks which, although were huge, ironically had very little memory space. It’s more than likely that your old school projects are still floating around on one of these babies.

Putting CDs In A Computer Tower

Your CDs were the prize possession of your bedroom and in order to keep them safe, you stacked them on top of each other in a teetering column. Looking back, you have no idea what gave you the idea of investing in a CD tower but at the time, everyone was doing it.

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