There are plenty of stories throughout time that are said to be related to cursed objects or completely haunted. These horrifying objects are pretty general, including children’s toys. Misfortune, financial and health woes are all pretty common when it comes to these particular stories. Here are twenty tales that will make you rethink your next purchase. Of course, the chances of finding something paranormal are pretty slim, though it could happen, too. Be wary of what you’re buying in a thrift store — sometimes things aren’t what they seem.

Haunted Chairs at Belcourt Castle

Numerous hauntings have been reported at Belcourt Castle throughout time, but the chairs are some of the worst, apparently. Visitors claim they feel cold and uncomfortable when sitting the chairs, and some have even been thrown from them before.

Haunted Wedding Dress

This dress once belonged to Anne Baker, who never used it once her father removed her soon-to-be husband from the picture. Some people have claimed to see the dress move on its own, especially when the full moon is present.

The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

The Myrtles Plantation is considered one of the most haunted residences throughout the US. This mirror probably plays a large part in that. The family who owned it were poisoned to death, and the souls are said to be encased within the mirror itself.

The Dybbuk Box

Dybbuk, in Jewish folklore, is an evil spirit. A Holocaust survivor is said to have summoned a demon using a homemade Ouija board, but trapped it in a wine cabinet instead. One owner suffered a stroke and died, another developed a rare skin disease.

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