There are thousands of things that people tell you to try in an effort to make your life easy. Here’s the thing about that, though: life was never meant to be easy. It was meant to be good! Having a good time is no problem for most people, but having a good life means working on yourself every day. Sure, going out with friends is great fun and should happen as often as possible! The real heart of the matter, however, is in how your spend your time when you are alone. Here are twenty easy things to try every day to make every aspect of your life better.


Let’s face it. At some point, you are going to have to come to the realization that Rome was not built in a day. You will have to make some difficult choices about what can happen when. As soon as you figure that out, everything will be that much more straightforward. Choose what needs to happen first, then sort the rest out later.

Plan Fun Things!

Even if that trip to see the Great Wall of China never happens. Even if you never take that cruise to the Caribbean. Planning is half the fun! Having goals of things you want to try at some point is great for long-term memory and creative thinking. So keep flipping through those guide books and trying to teach yourself French!

Clear Out The Mess

An important reminder: free your mind! Yes, this one is much easier said than done, but it we promise that it does help! Once a day – maybe even a few times each day, if you are feeling ambitious – take a few moments to yourself to put all of the nasty thoughts and useless junk aside in your brain. You don’t need it and it will only cause more stress later.

Crank Up Some Jams

Just dance! It’s great for you! Not only does it get you moving, but it is one of the quickest and surest ways to lift your spirits. Put together a playlist, find a radio station you like, or just pick something random, as long as it’s upbeat. Feel the rhythm and get moving!

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