If you are a dog owner, then you know your furry little friend has had some moments where they have done something wrong. It could be a simple thing, like getting into the trash can in the bathroom, or it could be a big thing, like getting into your purse and chewing up all your makeup! These 20 dogs were caught in the middle of being bad puppies and their owners are doing some dog shaming, but they are too adorable to stay mad at them.

Pillow Attacked First

We love this one, as the dog was only doing this in self-defense! That pillow attacked him first and he showed it who was boss.


You can’t beat this one, as the dog got into the Vaseline and now it is leaking out of its butt! What a disgusting image, but such a funny photo.


You can tell this guy knows that he was a bad boy! The owner spent all that time and money on a fence and he jumps it the first opportunity he gets. You can’t help but laugh!


These dogs were on a mission! They knew where the cereal was and they wanted it, so no door was going to stand in their way.

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