Why are people so surprised to see animals wearing shoes; I mean they do have feet so it makes perfect sense, right? As humans, we like to dress up our pets in fancy clothes — and as all fashionista’s know, an outfit is simply not complete without an amazing pair of shoes. Of course, we’ve seen a few cats and dogs sporting footwear, but they are not the only ones in the animal kingdom who like to dabble in human attire. Whether it’s a goat, a duck, a lizard or even a penguin, these photos prove that cats and dogs are not the most fashion savvy animals in the lot; although they are on the list. Check out these 20 cute images of animals wearing shoes.

Water Boots

No other goat has ever looked this fabulous while eating grass.

Leather Boots

Puss In Boots is real.

Nike Sneakers

Hey bulldog, if you wanna wear sneakers, just do it!

Bunny Slippers

A bunny wearing bunny slippers? How cute! Shame it wouldn’t be the same if we wore human slippers… that sucks.

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