If you want to sell a product, the packaging is key. They always talk about it on Shark Tank, as the logo or packaging needs to be redesigned and they’ll get it flying off the shelves. Well, these companies nailed it when it comes to product packaging. They are so clever with their designs and we are sure it intrigued people enough that they actually bought the product! Check out these 20 creative product packages that might blow your mind!

Jump Rope Bag

This is one of our favorites, as they made this bag for workout clothes. How cute is the jump rope on it? It is so fitting and a perfect idea!

Beehive Honey

Where does honey come from? Bees! This beehive holder for the honey is genius and such a cute concept.

NYC Spaghetti

The product is NYC Spaghetti and they target the skyscrapers in the city with this packaging. It is so sleek and fancy looking, which is fitting for the city.

Beard Brush

It is a little off, but still a fun idea. The product is a beard brush and they have the packaging over the brush to show the face, but with a mustache. We still love it!

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