While some of us get iPhone cases to protect the phone and make sure it won’t break in case we drop it, others are getting iPhone cases that make a statement, which is that they are crazy! We found some funny iPhone cases and while they will have you cracking up, you might also be going online and trying to buy one for yourself. Some are over-the-top, but then others are pretty cool and would definitely be a conversation starter for you. Check out these 20 hilarious iPhone cases we found!


You have plenty of colors to pick from with these phone cases! That nose looks so realistic and it is creeping us out.


Speaking of realistic, how real does that watermelon look? It is very detailed and almost makes us want to eat the phone!


If anyone were to pull this out of their pocket and answer it, then we might run away from them and at a very fast pace. Not sure what would prompt someone to buy this, maybe they’re a dentist?

Wonka Bar

You can always feel special when you have a Golden Ticket on your phone. This is kind of an old school concept here, but a pretty cool design from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

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