Architecture has the ability to change our perception of the buildings themselves and the world around us. While most buildings we see on any given day would likely be considered pretty boring, some buildings can only be described as awe inspiring. Have you ever seen a theater shaped like a giant egg? Or perhaps a house of worship shaped like a lotus flower? Or maybe a museum that looks like a house fell on it. Well that’s just the tip of the iceberg, so join us as we count down the top 20 craziest looking buildings that you simply won’t believe exist.

20. Krzywy Domek – Sopot, Poland

Believe it or not, Krzywy Domek which is polish for “crooked little house” is part of a shopping center in Poland. Looking at warped architecture would get us to spend more money, so we can’t blame them… The building was based on the fairytale illustrations of Jan Martin Szancer and Per Dahlberg.

19. Mind House – Barcelona, Spain

Part of a public park on the outskirts of Barcelona, the Mind House was designed by famous architect Gaudi.

18. Lotus Temple – Delhi, India

Having won numerous architectural awards for its resemblance to a lotus flower, the Lotus Temple serves as a Bahá’í House of Worship in India.

17. Atomium – Brussels, Belgium

Originally constructed for “Brussels 58”, the 1958 World’s Fair, the Atomium remains a major attraction to this cosmopolitan European city.

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