Gold has always been a symbol of riches and glamour to many of us. A gold bracelet as a birthday gift is nothing short of delightful; a gold ring on a perfectly manicured hand is even better. But, outside of jewelry, gold can be used to make other things as well, and if you’re rich enough, you can get pretty much anything made in gold. These cool and crazy items takes the term “all gold everything” to a whole new level.

Gold Vibrators

Would you invest in a gold vibrator? Well, if you ever decide to, it will cost you a whopping 25,000 dollars. While that may seem expensive, it’s made out of 18-karat yellow gold, white gold and diamonds.

Gold Casket

Talk about going out in style. Is there any better way to travel to the afterlife than in a luxury gold casket?

This one is called the Monarch Elite luxury gilded casket. It is made with solid American cherry wood, entirely double gilded in pure 24-Karat gold and is finished in luxurious Ruby Red velvet interior trim.

Gold Facial

Now this is what you call royal treatment. Reportedly this 24-karat face mask has numerous benefits for the skin.

It helps with blood circulation, toxin removal, cell renewal and skin rejuvenation. One visit to get this gold facial will cost you about $1,000.

Gold Chocolate Pudding

To indulge in this $35,000 dessert, you have to order it 2 weeks in advance.

This pudding, which looks like a piece of art, is adorned with gold leaf, caviar and a 2 carat diamond. At this cost, you better savor every single bite.

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