We all watch sports even, if it’s only for the championships and playoffs. For some fans, they can take watching a sports game to the next level with crazy and insane rituals. From wearing their lucky underwear to doing a pregame dance, fans will do whatever they believe will help their team win the game. However, the same could also be said for the actual players. You might not believe some of these 20 bizarre rituals and superstitions within the world of sports.

Moises Alou

When watching baseball, you’ll likely notice that most players wear gloves while up to bat. Some of the reasons behind these gloves is because it improves gripping the bat and it also helps absorb some of the shock when hitting the ball. However, for Moises Alou, he likes to avoid gloves and to help toughen his skin he will urinate on his hands during the season.

Wayne Gretzky

Even if you don’t like Hockey, there’s one name that everyone knows, Wayne Gretzky. The great one had plenty of rituals during his career. For instance, he would drink a Diet Coke, ice water, Gatorade, and another Diet Coke in that exact order after a warm-up. Also, he would put baby powder on the blade of his stick before a game.

Turk Wendell

Baseball Pitcher Turk Wendell had a few odd rituals during his games. For starters, he would chew black licorice while pitching and brush his teeth between innings. Turk would even wear a necklace that was decorated with teeth and claws of animals he personally hunted and killed.

Wade Boggs

It’s nice to fix your favorite meal regularly, but Wade Boggs took it a bit too far. This MLB athlete would have a chicken dinner before every game. While it may seem a bit of overkill, the chicken dinners are always varied in different recipes and styles.

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