Asia is a continent of many faces. With exciting attractions, spectacular food, and cheap travel options for getting from place to place, Asia is quickly becoming a place that travelers flock to. Stunning beaches and bustling cities, Asia is home to some of the world’s most interesting places, many of which are more affordable that you may think. This is a place where you money can go far and every traveler can take their time to discover new people, places, and maybe a part of themselves.

An Island With Everything: Taipei, Taiwan

Combining the best of South East Asia and East Asia, Taiwan features beaches and mountains all within 2 hours of each other. On the northern shore lies Taipei, a modern city with a lot to offer. Expect to spend about $30-$50 USD a day while you enjoy great food markets, shopping, and nightlife.

Not Your Normal Japan: Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is the southern most island of Japan and looks much different from the busy streets of Tokyo. A sub-tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, majestic forest and stunning beaches cover the small island. While you enjoy the delights of Japan such as seafood, historic temples, and kind people, you can vacation here for about $50 USD a day.

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