We have all been out with those friends that can’t stop taking selfies! I mean, they now have a Selfie Stick to make it even easier to snap those obnoxious photos. While your friend thinks they are getting the perfect picture, you jump in and give a photobomb that everyone will be talking about for days!

While we may enjoy the occasional photobomb, it looks like celebrities are just like us! They always say it, but now we know it is true! Check out some of the best celebrity photobombs here!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has become the Queen of Photobombs and she never disappoints! This is on the red carpet for The Hunger Games premiere and her fellow cast should know to keep an eye on her. You never know what she is going to do!

Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon

A happy family on the Empire State Building and taking the routine tourist picture, but they probably weren’t expecting Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon to sneak in there. We would definitely not be upset to have them photobomb our pictures!

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