Climbing your way up the mountain of fame can be a life-consuming task that eludes most individuals who ever dream of making the journey. Once you do get there though, it is all about sustaining the fame, which can be just as hard as becoming famous in the first place. A lot of people fizz out after sparkling beginnings, which is a shame because there is nothing worst than wasted potential. Here is a list of celebrities who are at a crossroad in their careers and need a desperate re-think in the future direction they intend to pursue.

Johnny Depp

At one point during the late 90’s, it appeared as if Johnny Depp would go down in history as one of the most unconventional actors of all time. He probably still will, but his legacy is wavering and big time. The roles have remained just as quirky but the films off late have been god-awful. He should definitely stick to being a man with a fearless attitude towards tackling roles, but he should pick these roles better, for his sake and for the sake of his fan base that has started to lose faith in him.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is not Adam Sandler, so why is he making Adam Sandler movies? The legendary stand-up comedian strung together an impressive list of films after making the transition from on-stage to on-screen. Over the last decade and a half though, he has only taken on lowbrow comedies that is a far cry from his compelling stand-up material. Eddie needs to either take his film career more seriously or hang up his boots entirely and return to stand-up full time. Here is hoping for the latter!

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