Have you ever watched an old movie and found yourself attracted to the movie star in the leading role? Have you ever, sneakily, Googled said star after finishing the movie to find out what they’re doing now? And have you ever found your jaw hanging open in shock when you see just how much they’ve aged?

Unfortunately, mother nature isn’t kind to all of us and, whilst we’re constantly shown images of stars who look younger than their years in the gossip columns, there’s a whole other set of celebrities to whom nature has been a little less kind. Even money can’t buy youth, apparently.

Brigitte Bardot

Once the sweetheart of the French New Wave, Brigitte Bardot is often referenced as the epitome of the blonde, youthful goddess. The only trouble is that she doesn’t quite look how she used to. Now in her 80’s, Bardot is hardly recognisable from the pictures of her youth.

Lindsay Lohan

Despite not having each reached the grand old age of 30 yet, Lindsay Lohan has aged horribly for her years. Blame it on her alcohol abuse, blame it on her penchant for plastic surgery, one thing’s for sure; she’s not the glowing starlet that she once was.

Keith Richards

In his heyday, the Rolling Stones star was one of the most sought after men in the world. After decades of partying and alcohol abuse, however, Keith Richards is looking a little less than fresh. Look at him as proof of what a hedonistic lifestyle can do to you.

Mickey Rourke

In the 80’s, you wouldn’t have been alone if you had harbored a massive crush on acting star Mickey Rourke. Something must have happened to him since then, however, as nowadays, the actor seems to have aged years in advance.

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