These felines have had too much to drink. Well, maybe not but they definitely look as if the party got way out of hand. These hilarious photos probably sum up any drinker — we have the frat boy, the stoner, the life of the party, the bummed out co-worker, the couch potato, the complete lush, and more. A big high-five to the folks who captured these awesome moments with their adorable friends. Don’t worry, none of them were harmed while snapping these photos. We are just really glad to have them!

Cat Frat Party

I can’t tell how many fingers you’re holding up. 27 maybe?


There’s always that one friend that gets a little too drunk and becomes annoying.

Out For The Night

Can someone carry me home? Please?

Fraidy Cat

Paranoid? Who’s paranoid? I’m not paranoid. It’s just a slice of bread. There’s no harm in…..whoa…what was that?!

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