The concept of services has been around for hundreds of years. In exchange for a fee, a company or person will carry out a particular task or agree to provide certain goods. Traditional examples include having items delivered to your house, having a worker do construction on your house or ordering takeaway from a fast food outlet.

With the advent of the internet and with most of the population having a greater amount of wealth, more diverse services have popped up in recent years. These can range from unexpected ones that you probably have never imagined to completely bizarre services that seem like no one would actually want to use.

Dog Surfing

While many hotels and holiday resorts offer tutorials and schools to help their guests learn the basics of surfing, there are very few facilities that offer the same service for man’s best friend. The Loews Coronado Bay Resort & Spa does just that though with the Sur’ruff Camp. With specialist instructors, it helps to teach dogs exactly how to surf.

Ear Cleaning

Parlors exist in Japan that serve all kinds of needs but there is one particular type that will seem most strange to those not from the country. These are ear cleaning businesses that sit down their patients and then proceed to scrape out earwax using specialist tools with cameras affixed to them. The services are mainly used by older businessmen.


Do you ever find that you often lose socks, leaving a single lonely sock without its partner in your drawer? It’s a problem that affects everyone, with the sock effectively becoming useless by itself. Throx runs a unique service whereby they sell socks not in pairs but in threes. This means that you have a safety net whereby you can misplace one of them and still have two others to act as a pair that can be worn.

Last Meals Delivery

This Toronto based service will deliver food to customers who order a few days advance. However, it is not just any food that is brought to your house but the meal that was chosen by a person on death row as their last meal. The $20 cost also includes information about the convicted criminal, a plastic face mask of their face and a DVD.

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