We recently posted a list that detailed 10 crazy reasons why people were fired, now we’re exploring the other side of things. Getting fired from your job can be a really bad experience, but if you quit at least you have some control over the situation. Maybe you found another job or maybe you’re just looking to take some time off. These are both reasonable answers. How about quitting because you don’t like the carpet in your office? Does that justify quitting? Fortune interviewed high-level managers at various companies and asked them if anyone ever quit under crazy circumstances. This list contains 20 of the best answers.

Circus Dreams

“Our employee said he was joining the circus.”

You’ve always been told to follow your dreams so it’s hard to make fun of the guy. Some circus performers make up to $70,000 a year. Maybe he has the right idea.

Mountainous Aspirations

“A staff member left to climb Mount Everest.”

How many people do you know that have left a job to climb a mountain? Probably none. Hands down one of the coolest job resignations ever. Hopefully they made it.

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