People love collection all sorts of crazy commodities. Stamps and coins worked well for the yesteryears but lets face it, there are just way too many new products out there for people to collect. It might have seemed like a kooky idea at first, but each of these individuals have defied all logic and odds and make it into the record books by collecting something that is out of the ordinary. Here is a list of 20 collectors who have moved from crazy to record-breaking all thanks to their weird obsessions:

Largest Consecutive Collection Of Photographs Of The Same Person

Munish Bansal created a world-record by photographing his daughter everyday until she turned 18. He now has 6,575 pictures of his daughter and a new record to his name.

Bouncy Ball Collection

The Simm twins put together their obsession of bouncy balls to create the largest collection for a single home. They claim to have a record 882 balls to their name. Talk about bouncing your way into the record books!

Highest Number Of Facebook Pokes

Corentin. P became the first person to cross the 100,000 mark in terms of pokes on Facebook and also became the person to have the highest number of pokes to her name. She achieved this by having her friend poke her continuously until the record was achieved. I can’t figure out who is more jobless in this situation, Corentin for attempting this record, or her friend for helping her set it.

Largest Terrible Towels Collection

Emmett Newsome has the unique record of owning the largest collection of terrible towels in the world. How many terrible towels does it take to set a world record you ask? 173 of course!

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