Do you ever wonder sometimes what life is like for the rich and the famous? What do multi-millionaires burn their cash on? A good glimpse to celebrity lifestyle is their homes. Estates owned by these filthy rich celebrities are ten times larger than an average home. These celebrity homes cost more than what an average American will be earning his whole life. It’s envious to see how these celebrities can live lavishly–some celebrities even claimed to have not been to every room of their house!

Read on for our list of the top 20 envy-worthy homes of the world’s biggest celebrities.

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block is living it easy now in her $10 million dollar mansion located in the Hamptons. The mansion property is massive enough that J-Lo’s stalker was able to live in the estate’s pool house for one week in 2013 without being found out.

Taylor Swift

Taylor’s Swift lovely 11,000 sq. ft. mansion in Rhode Island was apparently paid full in cash for $17 million.

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