It’s a very huge privilege to grow up with anyone, let alone your best friend. And, in many cases, this best friend is a beloved family pet, though many people might try to hide that fact. But quit the act, folks. There are few things more emotional than looking back on the years you’ve spent by your faithful furry companion, and these before and after pictures capture that perfectly. Remember not to be embarrassed if you shed a tear or two — we won’t judge.

Still A Cutie!

One of the cutest puppies we’ve ever seen grew up to be one of the most gorgeous dogs! German Shepherds are a beautiful breed known for their loyalty and intelligence.

4 Years Later

This guy looks like he loves to have fun! The dog, of course, though his owner certainly seems to enjoy the company of his furry friend.

Adorable to Beautiful

There are few dog breeds as gorgeous as the Husky and its variants. The blue eyes are unmatched. And the puppies? We’ll take twenty, please and thank you.

Unusual Companion

It takes a special person to appreciate the more reptilian pets, and this guy certainly is one. Though it probably isn’t as cuddly as a puppy or kitten, this turtle does look pretty cute.

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