Have you ever been doing a task and suddenly felt as though your neurons weren’t firing as fast as they should be? Have you ever suddenly thought to yourself, “how did I not know that? I used to know that?” Maybe you simply find yourself forgetting the names of people or things that you used to be able to recall right away. Most of the time, we chock this up to getting older. It turns out there are some things and activities out there that might actually be making you lose IQ. Do any of the things on this list at your own risk, because you might come out the other end dumber than when you started.

Surfing the Web

Turns out if you went looking for this list, you’re already getting dumber. That’s because Columbia University says people who are regular web users have lower information recall rates. In other words, the Internet is killing our memories.

Powerpoint Presentations

A study by the United States Army says that Powerpoint presentations actually reduce a viewer’s critical thinking skills. It also kills critical discussions. Apparently if people see something on a Powerpoint slide, they expect it to be true.


Carnegie Mellon says that people who are obese suffer from a number of mental problems because the brain of these people have to work twice as hard to accomplish the same things are those with an average body size. In addtion to that, The connections between the brain parts responsible for memory and decision-making were hyperactive in overweight people, but functioned normally in average-weight people.


Turns out going to meetings really is mind numbing. A Virginia Tech study says that going to meetings will tamp down intelligent expression. This is especially true in women.

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