People find disgusting things in food all the time. Sometimes what they find is just a strange shaped piece of chicken that kind of looked like it could have been a rat, and sometimes they find an actual rat in their jar of pickles. For some people, finding something gross in your food may be enough to turn you off from that particular food for the rest of your life. Others understand that accidents happen and even after buying a loaf of bread with a dead mouse attached, they keep eating their morning toast, although they might look closer before making that first sandwich. Here are some of the grossest things found in food.

Maggots In Boxed Rice

It’s probably hard enough to get a 12-year-old to eat healthy, but when they find maggots in their rice it’s going to be hard to get them to go back to another bag of it in the future. This happened to Maisy Dean in Greater Manchester. She had already eaten 3 bags from the same package before the discovery.

Locust Salad

In Bayswater, West London, Berenice Baker bought a bag of salad and inside she found a dead locust. Just a little extra protein!

Dead Fried Paper Towel

They’ll deep fry anything these days. At a Killingworth KFC, a seven-year-old found a deep fried paper towel in his box of chicken.

Chinese Bandage

A woman in China was served up a used, bloody bandage in her Chinese takeout in 2010.

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