Mother Nature has certainly provided lifeforms that are highly skilled with the use of camouflage. For instance, many sea creatures have to learned to blend in well with seaweed, while others have learned to blend in well with the ocean floor. Some land animals, on the other hand, are skilled are blending in with tree bark or other flora. Insects too are no strangers to using camouflage, especially the insects that look almost exactly like leaves or twigs. Read on to learn about these crafty and sneaky lifeforms, but be warned: it will certainly be challenging to spot them in the following photos.

Common Baron Caterpillar

This caterpillar is hard to see even when you’re staring straight at it. They are found in the warmer climates of Southeast Asia, and generally like to hang out on the leaves of mango plants. They often surprise mango farmers, too. These caterpillars, though, ditch their green colors for brown wings when they mature into butterflies.

Sand Cats

These cats are usually found in Central-Asia and Northwest-African deserts. Not only does their fur blend in well with their desert surroundings, their footpads are shaped to not leave any tracks.

Common Potoo

South America’s woodlands are filled with these birds. The colors of their feathers blend extremely well with branches, so often they’ll sit on branches and hang around nice and cozy like. The only thing that can give their position away is the reflection of light off their eyes.


There are nearly 700 different species of this fish, and they’re found in oceans all over the world. They are bottom-dwellers, and many of them are adept at camouflage, blending easily with sandy or pebbly ocean floors. Their oddest quirk is that both their eyes are usually situated on one side of their bodies, so they can scope out the area while they lie down.

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