Remember when you were young and your Gameboy died, or you weren’t allowed to stay up late to watch a show you love, and it felt like the worst thing ever? That was just part of being a kid: little things seemed like really big deals, and the difficulties we would go on to experience as adults weren’t even on the horizon. Whether it’s the wrong color chair, a weird bathing suit, or even a disdain for lollipops, here are 18 kids who have had just about enough!

Rocket Man

This little guy is so over cars and he’s ready to move on to something bigger and better. Namely, a rocket ship.

Potty Problems

To be fair, we’d all be crying if we were waist-deep in toilet water! Maybe this little guy isn’t quite ready to give up diapers.

Ho Ho NO!

That is one creepy looking Santa, and you can’t blame that kid for wanting to be far, far away from him.

Middle Child Syndrome

This little girl is none too pleased to be sharing the backseat with her siblings for a road trip. What she needs is an iPhone to keep her busy!

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