It is sad that this is what our society has come to. According to Mirror, 15-year-old Chinese teenager Lee Hee Danae recently underwent an immense amount of plastic surgery, in an attempt to make herself more attractive for her former boyfriend. While there is no word on whether or not the surgery won back her boyfriend, it did shoot her into Internet superstardom. The young girl has recently amassed over 400,000 followers on Weibo, a Chinese social media site. Her followers are in love with her doll-like look and adore her photos.

Plastic surgeons are criticizing the images, saying that they believe it is a combination of surgery, as well as photo manipulation. We are really hoping that is the case. It would be sad to see young teenagers feeling that they have to change themselves to be good enough for anyone. What are your thoughts? Are the images real, or have they been enhanced in a photo editing program?