One of the most beloved animated films of all time, Finding Nemo, is one of those films that almost everyone has seen and most people have seen it more than once. There are characters that are beloved and there are characters that no one likes and there are some characters that are totally forgotten. Even if you think you remember every line of Finding Nemo, you might be surprised to find that there are some things even you didn’t know about the movie. Sit back, relax, let us fill you in and then let us know what little factoid blew you away.

The Writer’s Took A Graduate Level Course In The Study Fish

In order to make sure that the fish in the film, actually looked and behaved like fish, the writers brought in a professor of ichthyology who reportedly gave 12 lectures.

Weird Ties To ‘Weeds’

Finding Nemo having ties to Bambi is one thing. The film having ties to Weeds, a television series about a family that sells marijuana is something else. Alexander Gould, who played Nemo, also played budding sociopath Shane Botwin. Albert Brooks, who played Nemo’s dad, played Shane’s grandfather throughout season 4 of Weeds.

The Film Was The First Summer Blockbuster For Pixar

Finding Nemo was the first in what has become a long line of summer blockbusters for Pixar. It also held the record for animated films revenue until Toy Story 3 came along.

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