Tattoos have become quite a normal thing nowadays, as most people have one or two on their body. Personally, I have plenty of them, as do my parents, and my friends, and the guy down at the local game store checking out customers. However, one thing most people don’t have in common is a horrible tattoo that they instantly regret getting. Or at least they should regret getting it. Some people aren’t exactly smart, so a foolish or horribly done tattoo isn’t out of the question for them. Here are fifteen that will make you rethink your next bit of ink.

Just Face It

Face tattoos are almost never a good idea, but if you are dead set on receiving one, then at least make it something a little cool. Getting a logo on your face is probably one of the worst ideas you could do, though, especially in bright red and blue.

Spelling Mistakes

Tattoos should probably always go through some form of spell check before they are needled into your skin. The artist should probably check beforehand, but it’s also the customers duty to ensure they know what they want and it’s correct.

Pick An Artist, Any Artist

When choosing to get a tattoo most people tend to explore their options by looking around at different shops in their area. An artist has to be good at their craft, but this particular tattoo artist failed to do just that. Taking a stock photo and turning it into ink artwork never looked so bad.

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