If someone handed you an extra thousand dollars, you’re likely to have some good ideas on how to spend it. Maybe you’d pay some bills, cover rent, on go on a shopping spree. However, using it to pay for a single dessert is probably not one of those ways you envision using it. Yes, you heard that right. There are desserts, and then there are desserts. From $250 to $60,000, these decadent treats from around the world will delight and shock you!

Chocopologie by Knipschildt ($250)

Although this is the lowest priced dessert on our list, the $250 pricetag gets you exactly one truffle. Yes, just one. But it will make all truffle and chocolate lovers swoon. The dark chocolate truffles are made with a ganache of 70% Valrhona cacao and blended with truffle oil. They are handrolled and dusted with cocoa powder, and each comes with a French black truffle hidden inside. Oh la la!

David’s Signature “Beyond Gourmet” Jelly Beans ($500)

Move over Jelly Belly, David Klein, the creator of Jelly Belly jelly beans, has upped his game with an exclusive line of exotic-flavored jelly beans such as: chipoltle, coconut, blueberry and bacon. They’re made with real fruit and ingredients and have no artificial colors. The $500 pricetag is for the crystal jar of 24-carat gold dusted jelly beans. Not sure if it adds anything to the taste, though.

Decadence D’or Cupcake ($750)

At Sweet Surrender in Las Vegas, there’s a cupcake lover’s dream dessert. The Decadence D’or Cupcake will only set you back $750, but not to worry—it’s anything but a regular cupcake. Made from Palmira single-estate chocolate from the rare and fragile Criollo bean at the Valrhona plantation in Venezuela (yes, try to figure that one out), it’s adorned with edible gold flakes and served with Tahitian gold vanilla caviar and a 100 year-old cognac. The extraordinary cupcake comes encased in blown sugar, so it’s also a work of art.

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