The saying “A dog is man’s best friend” holds quite a bit of truth. Dogs don’t have mood swings, are always happy to see you, won’t complain about your cooking, and are loyal to the end. You will never find another creature or person who is as loyal as your dog. Dogs bring unmatched happiness to their owners’ lives, from companionship to laughs. An especially loyal breed is the Labrador. Black, chocolate, or yellow, no matter the color a lab will always bring an incredible amount of smiles and love to your life. While playful and adventurous, Labradors are also extremely laid back, and will be perfectly content with anything from going fishing and hunting to lounging on the couch watching hockey. The following list is fifteen reasons why owning a lab is easily one of the best ideas ever.

1. At Six Weeks Old They’re Little Pork Pies

One of the absolute cutest things in this world is a pudgy little six week puppy. From watching them learn to walk and falling over every other step to watching them play and explore the world they were born into, everything a little pudgy ball of fur does is adorable. There’s nothing quite like watching a lab grow up from a little puppy to an old dog and having them live their lives beside you.

2. Watching Them Dream and Sleep Brightens A Bad Day Like Nothing Else

Dogs dream like people do. From food to catching prey (be it a duck or a squeak toy) to running through fields and playing, dogs dream just as vividly as us. There are very few things in this world that are more adorable than watching a sleeping puppy woof in its sleep as it runs its tiny legs after whatever it’s chasing.

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