ASMR, scientifically known as autonomous sensory meridian response, is known for helping individuals who experience the phenomenon to relax, help deal with their insomnia, or even to meditate after a long day of working. Not everyone experiences the sensation throughout their body, though millions are currently obsessed with this particularly fascinating feeling. Everyone is different, so finding the right trigger is the only way to truly relax and enjoy your time with these videos and ASMRtists.


Whispering is easily the most common trigger available within any ASMR videos. The majority of videos available on YouTube tend to feature whispering in some capacity. The soft tones of a male or female voice happen to offer some of the most relaxing tingles available.


Tapping tends to be one of the most common triggers available. When someone is tapping on a hard surface, it tends to bring about a rhythmic trance that helps people relax or meditate while listening. Some can fall asleep quite easily with the tapping sound happening over and over again.

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